About Us

Defining Evoment

Welcome people’s movement to catalyse an enriched future for all.Be a global leader in the design, development and delivery of Positive Impact— creation of enduring social and economic value.

EVOMENT combines Management Consulting, Private and Public Partnerships, Investments, Sustainable Development Goals and Social Responsibility

Our beginning

In February 5th 2018, our founding partners sealed the deal that set us on our way as an independent firm of management, social developmentexpert, health specialists and technology consultants wholeheartedly committed to the long-term success of our clients and our partnership…

Where we came from

We have a strong foundation of our partners and team members. Many of us were working together at the USAID, UK AID, kfw arm of Asia and pacific in health, economic and governance project , which itself had deep roots in big professional services firms of USA, UK , European countries , large corporate of India and USA and number of government of Asia and Africa regions.


To establish, maintain, conduct, provide, procure or make available consultancy services and technical assistance to a wide variety of subjects of social, economic, statistical, commercial, financial, accountancy, medical, legal, management, educational, environment, engineering, data processing, communication and other technological, development or other services.

To provide professional services and technical assistance to a wide variety of problems and issues in the public and private sector including government and business organization and to do data collection, analysis ,research and documentation.

Our Future

Growing together and achieve more with our clients.

Our Standards of Business Conduct

Integrity - we want to be prepared to adapt the way we work to ensure that we always conduct business in the most appropriate, ethical and transparent way.

Ethical behaviour - Our Standards of Business Conduct provides an overview of our commitment by defining our standards of ethical behaviour and fiduciary responsibilities.

Office Hours :

Sat : By Special Appointment

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  • " You need to have some sort of entrepreneurial attitude to be successful in a partnership, but this is a bit different from just doing. Prime objective is maximizing collective success with one GOAL- achieve results with ethics and integrity.

    Amalendu Pal,Partner

  • " Right questions, critical thinking, analysis are key factors for work values.

    Adil Firoze,Director

  • " Build an unstoppable vision to ensure that everyone has a right to get quality food and affordable education, health care. This is not only a basic human rights but also a matter of political democracy and upholding values of social justice.

    Gopi N. Ghosh,Director

  • " Respect the value of silence, Live with knowledge and wisdom.

    Atma Prakash,Director

  • " Art changes the landscape of mind-sets of human being and world outlook. We need better ideas.

    Prasanta Das,Director

  • " Discover a new way of doing things, build imagination, professionalism and create a positive change.

    Rohit Pal,Director

  • " We should cultivate the basic attribute of mankind’s development through quality education of children of all categories and strengthening capacity of scientific research.

  • " Enabling trans-formative change through entrepreneurship will make the difference

    Pawan Kumar,Director

  • " Human rights research is fundamental to our advocacy, corporate social responsibility and lobbying work

  • " Scientific evidence and policy dialogue both as foundations and objectives of positive health initiative

  • " Communication a symbol of transmission of evidence- based knowledge through experience

  • " Leadership commitment is the core for perfect impact on investment

Our Vision

Healthy, educated people and voice for vulnerable — the foundation of prosperous societies.

Our Mission

We work with change agents around the globe to create self - sustaining systems that support healthy, educated people and most vulnerable community.

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