How We Work

People, Processes, Innovation and Results

We follow simple process to deliver results.

We make an analysis of deliverables. We take many opportunities to apply our knowledge and capabilities to business and society. We approach every effort with passion and the full professionalism of the team. We build strong multi-year relationships and deep, multi-year engagements that help our partners achieve more impactful results.

Collaborative and Adaptive Learning.   Data for Decision Making.   Governance, Responsible Business Practices & Citizen Engagement.   Public- Private Engagement.   Scaling Innovation.   Market Shaping.   Sustainable Financing.   Impact Communication.


  • " You need to have some sort of entrepreneurial attitude to be successful in a partnership, but this is a bit different from just doing. Prime objective is maximizing collective success with one GOAL- achieve results with ethics and integrity.

    Amalendu Pal,Partner

  • " Right questions, critical thinking, analysis are key factors for work values.

    Adil Firoze,Director

  • " Build an unstoppable vision to ensure that everyone has a right to get quality food and affordable education, health care. This is not only a basic human rights but also a matter of political democracy and upholding values of social justice.

    Gopi N. Ghosh,Director

  • " Respect the value of silence, Live with knowledge and wisdom.

    Atma Prakash,Director

  • " Art changes the landscape of mind-sets of human being and world outlook. We need better ideas.

    Prasanta Das,Director

  • " Discover a new way of doing things, build imagination, professionalism and create a positive change.

    Rohit Pal,Director

  • " We should cultivate the basic attribute of mankind’s development through quality education of children of all categories and strengthening capacity of scientific research.

  • " Enabling trans-formative change through entrepreneurship will make the difference

    Pawan Kumar,Director

  • " Human rights research is fundamental to our advocacy, corporate social responsibility and lobbying work

  • " Scientific evidence and policy dialogue both as foundations and objectives of positive health initiative

  • " Communication a symbol of transmission of evidence- based knowledge through experience

  • " Leadership commitment is the core for perfect impact on investment

Delivering Solutions for Sustainable Outcome

Enabling clients to positively change their world

01. Collaborative and Adaptive Learning

We facilitate communities of policymakers and practitioners who tackle common challenges by exchanging knowledge and co-developing practical solutions to achievesustainable progress in economic growth, trade and policy, health, education, gender, nutrition, agriculture and water, climate resilience, financial inclusion, governance and global partnerships.

The Challenge

Systems strengthening is a complex business with a dizzying number of implementation challenges.The people working to strengthen these systems — government officials, business leaders, civil society leaders and social innovators — understand the challenges and realities of the local context, but they often lack opportunities to systematically share their experiences or tap into implementation knowledge that their peers in other countries may have. They may have access to global guidance but are less likely to have access to practical “how-to” knowledge that can help them make faster progress toward their goals.

Our Action

We adopt innovative collaborative learning approach that brings people to systematically share and adapt knowledge and produce new ideas that enable them to successfully tackle practical complex issues and achieve desired results.

Each engagement is tailored to meet the needs of individual programs, involving some or all of the following stages:

  • Understand problems : Understanding performance challenges and defining impact goals.
  • Identify solutions: Reviewing existing evidence, researching potential solutions and defining a theory of change and theory of constraints for the program or intervention.
  • Design and experiment: Piloting and refining solutions based on ongoing and regular qualitative and quantitative feedback.
  • Incorporate learnings: Presenting experiment findings and their implications for program refinement and redesign.

02. Data for Decision Making

We work with change agents to make better use of data and field based evidence to achieve sustainable progress in economic growth, financial practices, responsible business practices and sustainable development goals.

The Challenge

Leveraging of data intensifies through the proliferation of dashboards, key performance indicators, scorecards, big data programs and data analytics. The risks increase that resource-constrained governments and social entrepreneurs will be forced to embrace and respond to data-for-development tools and initiatives without adequate planning or data uptake strategies. Developing artificial solutions in search of problems on local change agents, leading to a failure to solve practical challenges at the local level.

Our Action

We make use of evidence based data at the centre of all efforts, develop tools and performance metrics to design the process to solve well-articulated and practical challenges. We leverage data and data-informed strategies to solve real-world problems.

03. Governance, Responsible Business Practices& Citizen Engagement

Evoment works with civil society, business community and government change agents to help them identify and address public-sector service delivery gaps through increased citizen engagement and government collaboration.

The Challenge

The primary job of government officials, business organizations and institutions around the world should be to ensure that their constituents are healthy, educated and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

However, the reality is that many government policies and business practices fall short on this promise.

Our Approach

Evoment supports civil society organizations, corporate and government to assess gaps in service delivery at the local, sub-national and national levels that prevent people from receiving the services they need and to address these gaps, by providing information, facilitating accountability and improving collaborations between governments, business and the people they represent.

We take a unique approach to transparency, accountability and citizen engagement.We work with civil society, business and government actors to overcome these problems in the most effective way, given their cultural, political and economic contexts.

04. Public - Private Engagement

Evoment works with change agents to improve coordination and collaboration between the public and private sectors, and ensure high-quality, affordable health, education and nutrition services for all, economic growth initiative for society at large. Promote business and government joint initiative both economic and social projects.

The Challenge

The private sector( both non-governmental and corporate) is an active, growing player in the delivery of business, economic, health, education and development services. Many citizens proactively seek income generation, financial inclusion, micro entrepreneurship, health care or educational services from the private sector, either because of their proximity to private facilities or because they perceive the private sector to offer better quality or customer service than the public sector. However, the private sector is often fragmented, and despite government interest in engaging with the private sector, government officials lack information, do not understand their roles or are not supported by the appropriate institutional systems and processes to steward public-private systems in their countries. This results in varied quality and costs of services.

Our Approach

Our goal is to effectively leverage the unique contributions of the public and private sectors in order to improve economic growth, financial services, health, education and nutrition service delivery. We do this in the following ways:

  • Supporting private-sector (non-state) actors to adapt, test and operationalize promising innovative models in economic growth, investment pattern, financial services, livelihood, healthcare, education and nutrition through active and effective collaborative learning networks.
  • Providing technical assistance in diagnosing operational system misalignments, effectively incentivizing high-quality care and services, and monitoring performance of care and services to better steward the public sector.
  • Supporting cross-country collaborative peer-learning platforms and Health Market Innovations.
  • Designing, evaluating and learning about innovative approaches to public-private-sector engagement.

05. Scaling Innovation

We promote the identification, adaptation and integration of innovative solutions that have the potential to address pressing systemic challenges in economic, business, financial services, health, education and nutrition.

The Challenge

Innovation is a crucial part of development, ensuring that we are working better, faster and smarter to build stronger economic initiative, financial services, health, nutrition and education systems that deliver better outcomes for all.

However, far too many promising innovations fail to successfully scale their impact, due to a lack of knowledge and evidence on how to manage this long and difficult process. Opportunities to learn, adapt and improve by drawing on the collective experience of others are still scarce.This reality inhibits the acceleration of promising solutions and their introduction and integration into systems.

Our Approach

We view the concept of innovation as a means to an end.Innovations can be new services, products, processes and interventions that have the potential to positively impact systems.

We translate local insights into improved global knowledge.Scaling up individual innovative organizations is necessary but not sufficient. We generate valuable lessons and global knowledge that we share globally to inspire others and unlock opportunities across the world.

We support the broader ecosystem to impact systems change.We make it a priority to work with government policymakers to ensure that innovations address their pressing priorities.

We create and support global communities of innovators, funders and policymakers for continuous and iterative learning, knowledge generation, exchange and collaboration.

06. Market Shaping

Evoment team works with change agents and innovators to shape global and country-level markets and dramatically expand access to affordable, high-quality essential commodities and services that help people lead healthier, more productive lives.

The Challenge

Around the world, income generation, health-, education- and nutrition-related products and services that can save and improve lives are frequently not within reach of the larger community who need them the most.

This is often the result of breakdowns in markets and systems. Commodities and services may not be available to all due to insufficient supply capacity, inadequate forecasting, inefficient procurement processes and outdated policies. Even when products and services are available in a country, there may be an inconsistent supply where they are needed the most, or they may be priced too high for the intended beneficiaries.

Our Approach

We work with different stakeholders to shape systems and markets so that access to essential products and services is improved.

We achieve this by aligning priorities and incentives of policymakers, procurers, financiers and manufacturers at the global and country levels to develop and execute solutions for underserved markets at scale. Using practical, business-driven approaches — from increasing market transparency to developing purchasing strategies and crafting cost-effectiveness analyses.

07. Sustainable Financing

Evoment team provides analysis, advice and support to change agents and stakeholders who are working to mobilize resources, and helps ensure the effective and equitable use of funding for business growth, livelihood, income generation, health, education and nutrition programs.

The Challenge

There are many critical ingredients that are required to build strong systems, but reliable financing is one of the most important.

Many stakeholders of different countries rely on a mix of revenue — from donors, the private sector and domestic resources — to fund new business and social sector programs. But this can be challenging since funds from outside sources often come with strings attached, are time-bound or can be retracted.

Our Approach

We believe that domestic, government-raised funding that flows through a country’s own public finance system is the backbone of sustainable and equitable financing. That’s why we work with country stakeholders and change agents to help them formulate, mobilize, allocate and monitor financial resources.

Three important objectives underlie our approach to achieving sustainable financing:

  • Mobilize: Ensuring sustainable and coordinated mobilization of resources.
  • Use: Making equitable, effective and efficient use of resources.
  • Hold to account: Accountable and transparent achievement of high quality results

08. Impact Communication

Development communication is more than a passion or a calling. It’s a profession. Doing it well takes experience, ingenuity and a stubborn insistence that tomorrow’s work must be better than today’s. This can happen only where communication brings the impact stories based on evidence from field, practitioners and beneficiaries.

The Challenge

We take a promising new way of powering a village, a community, government, business and social leaders and adapt it to a new location for scale and impact. We embrace project management as a discipline, not an afterthought, so our clients get maximum impact for minimum risk. And we think big, about applying lessons learned across all of our projects, about bridging the gap between segregated technical fields and about forging partnerships that unite the world’s best minds to solve its toughest problems.

These are possible and impactful when mind-sets are ready, communication is transparent, simple but in real world “Making Difference through Communication” is a huge task. It requires cultivation of culture within the minds of professional to capture impact stories based on practices, economy, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our Approach

  • Build a different view of development communication.
  • Focusing on individual stories.
  • Crafting empowered stories to adopt remarkable results.
  • Making lens vocalising both for individual and group for global audience, furthering visibility.
  • Fostering discussions and documentation about where, when, why and how impactful contributions are being used. These are the questions that development programs should be asking, not just within the communications arena, but on a program-wide scale.
  • How can our work amplify the voices of people who are marginalised?
  • How can we engage with emerging creators of unconventional development approaches?

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