Meet Our Team

Amalendu Pal

Business Consulting,Governance, Financial Sustainability

Adil Firoze

Corporate Governance and Management Systems

Dr. Gopi N Ghosh

Agriculture, Food Security and Gender Justice

Atma Prakash

Finance, compliance

Dr. Sainath Banerjee

Urban Health, Research and Partnerships

Sucheta Mukherjee

Women Empowerment, Justice and Human Rights

Prasanta Das

Organization development

Rohit Pal

Investment, Energy and Financial Advisory

Sandip Samajdar

Engineering Project Management and Corporate Social   Responsibility

Pawan Kumar

Agri-business, Women Empowerment, Marketing and Value Chain

Professor Jacob Thudipara

Urban Community Development, Education and Social Research

Dr. Sourav Ghosh

Health care innovation, Haemato Oncology, Non-communicable Diseases and Child Care

Albert Rozario

Portfolio Management, Financial Inclusion and Advisory

Trishikh Dasgupta

Media, Communication and Lens Visualization

Sanjiv Tare

CSR, Sustainability and Corporate Communication

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