These PRINCIPLES guide the work we do, and the work we don’t do. They are an important part of who we are, shaping our interactions with our partners, clients and our funders.

  • We believe that prosperity starts with vulnerable community, healthy, educated people.
  • We focus on the interrelated fields of economic growth, health, education, environment and nutrition because they are essential for reducing poverty and creating prosperous and equitable societies.
  • We focus on systems-level change, because we believe it’s the best way to achieve large-scale, lasting results.
  • We believe that local change agents — government officials, responsible business leaders, civil society leaders and social innovators — are the people who can bring about lasting change.
  • We achieve results at the country-level and capture and synthesize important global knowledge intended to catalyze action across the world.
  • We believe we will achieve more together.
  • We are committed to continuous learning.
  • We are mission-driven and results-focused.

Our Vision

Healthy, educated people and voice for vulnerable — the foundation of prosperous societies.

Our Mission

We work with change agents around the globe to create self - sustaining systems that support healthy, educated people and most vulnerable community.

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