Each team members of Evoment having long years of experience ( Avg. 20 years) in global and public health, international humanitarianism, development, human rights, investment portfolio, financial advisory, business consulting, corporate social responsibility and diplomacy with substantive leadership roles handling large teams and budgets. Have held senior positions in the National Government, Public Sector Units, USAID, UK AID funded projects, UN multilateral agencies, and in the field, and in academia. Active involvement through founding and leadership positions in NGOs, INGOs and civil society groups. Innovative “start-ups” – of programmes and institutions – a particular strength.

Functions and expertise have included policy, strategy, knowledge development and sharing, training, capacity building, and lesson learning, representation and communications, overseeing substantial and sustained organisational growth, partnership and network development on a global scale, programme planning and delivery, fostering innovation; mentoring and teaching, accountability and performance evaluation, communications, diplomacy and representation, resource mobilisation, invest planning, capacity building, advocacy, negotiation and mediation, and organisational change management.

Our resources for effective support to our clients

Three Pillars


The First Pillar

From projects to processes

The inclusive processes leading to policy solution,mechanisms for engagement which can better support the context-specific institutional capacity-building that is needed to sustain these processes.


The Second Pillar

From "fly-in/fly-out" technical assistance to building networks of local, regional , country and global expertise

This kind of approach is incompatible with what is needed to strengthen institutions and improve processes for sustainable change management. Short-term technical support also often struggles to gain legitimacy, because it lacks deep connection to the broader political and economic context of the country.

It is time to acknowledge that it is not only the locus of expertise that needs shifting, but also the nature of expertise.


The Third Pillar

From static knowledge creation to co-produced practical resources based on implementation experience

One reason is that the challenges many countries face are not about what to do, but rather how to do it — how to design context-appropriate policies that meet social, economic and political objectives; how to overcome implementation challenges and stakeholder opposition; how to adapt and build on knowledge and learnings from other contexts.

It is essential to translate evidence based knowledge so that it can be effectively incorporated into country processes. This will provide opportunities for collaborative learning that is focused on practical how-to’s and fostering robust, inclusive processes

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